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What are the benefits of choosing a bespoke fluid management product?

June 2017

What are the benefits to choosing a bespoke fluid management product?

Fluorocarbon is a global supplier of high-performance fluid handling products such as seals and hoses, designed to meet the demanding applications of aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and pharmaceutical (amongst others)...

Advanced Engineering

June 2017

Advanced Engineering 2017

Fluorocarbon Polymer and Surface Technologies will be taking part in the UK's largest annual gathering of advanced engineering professionals...   


What makes plastic high performance?

March 2017

What makes plastic high performance?

High Performance Plastic, High Temperature Plastic, High Performance Thermoplastic, High Performance Polymer...

OTC 2017

February 2017

OTC 2017

Houston, Texas, USA (4 May 2017) – Offshore energy industry experts and leaders from across the world came together at NRG Park in Houston 1–4 May for the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

What is Polyoxymethylene? (POM)

December 2016

What is Polyoxymethylene? Chemical Compound (POM)

Polyoxymethylene (POM) was discovered by Hermann Staundinger in the 1920's, however the materials was thermally unstable so not useful commercially...

What is Nylon? (Polyamide)

November 2016

What is Nylon? Chemical Compound (Polyamide)

The first example of Nylon (nylon 66) was produced on February 28, 1935, by Wallace Carothers...