Rod & Tube

Rod & Tube

Specialising in high quality PTFE compression moulded and extruded rod and tube, we offer a wide range of diameters and lengths suitable for today's modern machining. Exploiting our specialised processing equipment and wide tooling range, we are able to convert high performance and melt fluoropolymer materials into semi-finished stock shapes for post machining or low to high volumes of moulded components.

Materials include:


Fluorocarbon can offer a quick turnaround on all small diameter Virgin PTFE or filled billets from 24mm od up to 274mm od consisting of multiple sizes in-between and various internal dimensions.

We can despatch these depending on quantity below.

Qty 1-5 – 2/3 days

Qty 6-10 -4/5 days

10 + 5/7 days  

Use the tool below to convert sizes if required:


Etching & Bonding

PTFE is well known for being a non-stick material; therefore to enable bonding to other substrates, surface modification in the form of chemical etching is required.

Using the Fluoroetch® process we offer a full in-house service of chemical etching and bonding of fluoropolymers including PTFE, PFA, ECTFE, PCTFE, FEP and TFM.


Our Fluoroetch® Sodium / ammonia process is the most effective etching medium available. The solution is freshly mixed for each specific batch to ensure the highest quality and all etching and testing is carried out to Def standard 93-68 and certified under our ISO 9001:2008 quality system.


  • Up to 1.2m width on one or both sides
  • Bulk etching of free issue sheet and tape material
  • Shapes can be selectively etched to allow bonded fabrications
  • Etched sheet can be factory bonded for the manufacture of Fluoroglide® expansion bearings, slide bearings and skidways
  • Etching of free-issue materials in sheet form or finished component



Our dedicated bonding service of PTFE, to laminate materials and fabricate PTFE based components, is offered with a wide range of adhesives to suit our customer’s specific applications. To ensure the highest quality, peel testing is certified under our ISO 9001:2000 quality system. Hot cure bonding is carried out to ensure the most effective bond possible.


  • Sheet sizes up to 3m x 1.5 m can be bonded at any one time
  • Length up to 8m have been bonded
  • Hot and cold cure bonding available
  • Adhesives available including Epoxy, Contact and isocyanates to suit specific applications such as high temperature, chemical resistance and flexibility
  • Bonding of most materials including PTFE, rubber, steel, cork, wood and other plastics
  • A large workshop offering lifting facilities to cater for most sizes (contact us to discuss sizes)




Melt Fluoropolymer Rod & Tube

Using our specialised processing equipment and wide tooling range we are able to convert high performance and melt fluoropolymer plastic materials into rod and tube post machining or low to high volumes of moulded components.

Available in materials including PEEK, PCTFE and FEP, our range of products includes extruded and hot compression moulded rod, heavy tubing and moulded products.


  • Full traceability on all material under ISO 9001:2008
  • In-house tensile strength and elongation testing
  • Precision grinding service to ensure close tolerances for modern machining
  • Etching and bonding service
  • Prototyping available

Moulded Rod and Tube

  • Rods 28mm - 100mm Ø up to 200mm length
  • Rods 51mm - 100mm Ø up to 100mm length
  • Rods 101mm - 200mm Ø up to 50mm length
  • Tubes 25mm - 100mm (I.D) x 50mm - 150mm Ø (O.D) up to 200mm length
  • Tubes 10mm - 250mm (I.D) x 125mm- 300mm Ø (O.D) up to 150mm length
  • Tubes 275mm - 500mm (I.D) x 350mm- 550mm Ø (O.D) up to 100mm length
  • Tubes 525mm - 850mm (I.D) x 600mm- 940mm Ø (O.D) up to 60mm length

Extruded Rod and Tube

  • Rod 3mm Ø - 100mm Ø up to 3000mm length
  • Heavy Wall tube from 20mm (I.D) to 100mm (O.D) up to a variety of lengths
  • Precision grinding service for close tolerance

Rod and Tube Special Services

  • Amorphous clear PCTFE sheet for chemically resistant sight-glass covers
  • Custom shaped billets and sheet made by transfer moulding using low cost tooling
  • Lining of customer steelwork

PTFE Rod & Tube

We specialise in high quality PTFE rod and tube suitable for today’s modern machining.

Using the company's Fluorinoid® materials register of over 200 filled PTFE grades and our in-house blending facilities, we work with customers to develop and blend grades to suit specific applications.

Combining this with our finished component design and machining facilities we have the competitive advantage of offering a cost effective end-to-end service.

Extruded Rod and Tube

  • Extruded Rod 6mm - 140mm Ø up to 4000mm length
  • Extruded Tube 15mm - 150mm Ø up to 4000mm length
  • PTFE thin wall paste extruded in a variety of sizes and colours
  • Stress relieving service available to enable machining to tight tolerances
  • In-house tensile strength and elongation testing
  • Precision grinding service to ensure close tolerances for modern machining.

Moulded Rod and Tube

  • Moulded Rods 3mm - 50mm Ø up to 2000mm lengths
  • Moulded Rods 1mm - 1500mm Ø at various lengths
  • Moulded Tubes 20mm - 1500mm Ø at various lengths
  • A unique special process to produce lengths of 2000mm of low stress material for high precision machining within a narrow tolerance band
  • Over 1500 moulding tools available from our continually expanding range
  • Etching and Bonding service available
  • Materials are conditioned and stress-relieved to ensure optimum quality for modern day machining centres