High-Performance Polymers are increasingly being used in the Aerospace industry due to strength and durability. Weighing less, they are cost effective both in production and the savings made on fuel. This also contributes to a reduction in emissions.

Fluorocarbon have more than 50 years of experience providing materials for the Aerospace industry, our products are deployed in many applications in major commercial and military aircraft programmes worldwide. 

      • Over 500 high-performance fluoropolymer materials
      • Collaboration on material development
      • Technical support for material selection
      • Prototypes to high volume
      • CNC Turning & Milling up to 1500mm
      • 3.1 Certification with full traceability available

      Product examples

      • High-performance hoses
      • Cryogenic seals
      • Landing gear components
      • Spring Energised seals
      • Spring energised polymer seals
      • Back up rings
      • Propeller balance tubes
      • Guide bushes
      • Trunnion bearings
      • Internal panels and equipment
      • Rubbing strips

      Material Examples

      Material and Description FL Number Material and Description FL Number
      PTFE - Virgin FL100 PTFE - Blue Glass fibre filled FL160
      PTFE - Glass fibre filled FL103 PTFE - Polyester filled FL464
      PTFE - Carbon and Graphite filled FL107 PTFE - Polymeric filled FL546
      PTFE - Glass fibre filled FL109 PEEK - Virgin FL350
      PTFE - Bronze filled  FL110 PEEK - Carbon fiber filled FL354
      PTFE - Graphite filled FL123 PFA FL305
      PTFE - Glass and Moly filled FL158 PCTFE - Virgin FL325


      Advantages may include

      • Lightweight
      • Corrosion resistant
      • Easily fabricated
      • Reduced maintenance
      • Chemical and impact resistant

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