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Expansion to existing laboratory capabilities

January 2018

What does a Rheometer measure?

Understanding the importance of material behaviours in various critical and demanding applications is paramount to offering technically sound products and therefore Fluorocarbon has invested in a multipurpose Rheometer as an addition to existing laboratory capabilities...

Extrusion Gaps and Anti Extrusion Rings

November 2017

Extrusion Gaps and Anti Extrusion Rings

At Fluorocarbon we are dedicated to the specification and manufacture of high-performance seals and bearings to suit your application requirements. Seals can be provided in PTFE and filled PTFE materials designed to give enhanced performance...


What is HPHT? (High Pressure, High Temperature)

October 2017

What is HPHT? (High Pressure, High Temperature)

HPHT or High Pressure, High Temperature is defined as those Wells with a bottom hole temperature greater than 150°C (300°F) and requiring pressure control equipment with a rated working pressure of above 69 MPa (10,000psi) (S.P.E E&P Glossary, HPHT, 2013)...

How are bearings used in Civil Engineering and Construction?

September 2017

How are bearings used in civil engineering and construction? 

Fluoroglide® slide bearings are superior to conventional expansion plates, rollers and rocker arms, because they accommodate expansion and contraction, as well as other reciprocating motions of thermal, seismic or differential forces...

Now offering stocked semi finished items

August 2017

Fluorocarbon is now offering standard Virgin PTFE sheets 1200mm x 1200mm, 1.5mm, 3mm & 5mm sheets from stock.

Other thicknesses are also available on request.


Advanced Engineering

July 2017

Advanced Engineering 2017

Fluorocarbon and Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies took part in the UK's largest annual gathering of advanced engineering professionals at the NEC...   


What are the benefits of choosing a bespoke fluid management product?

June 2017

What are the benefits to choosing a bespoke fluid management product?

Fluorocarbon is a global supplier of high-performance fluid handling products such as seals and hoses, designed to meet the demanding applications of aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and pharmaceutical (amongst others)...